Changed Behavior / Proven Results

If you are looking to transform your sales force and make lasting changes that will increase revenues and profits, then a customized workshop is the key to that transformation.

Mark designs his workshops to leverage your specific challenges by using a case study format.  With this approach, the sales force and sales leaders can quickly relate to the content and turn it into actionable progress.

Mark’s workshops focus just as much on the pre- and post-work as they do on the actual event. The pre-work ensures Mark is familiar with your organization, using the correct acumen for your business and uncovering the true core issues.

The post-work is what really aids in driving long-term change, as specific support elements are used to continue the impact of the training and foster better results.

What Outcome do You Require?

Mark is highly committed to getting at the core of your company’s challenges. Below are examples of some workshops Mark can customize to your selling situations and industry:

High-Profit Prospecting -- Powerful Strategies to Find the Best Leads and Drive Breakthrough Sales Results

Prospecting issues are simply the result of other issues. Primarily, a sales force knows what to do, but not how to do it. This ultimately impacts their confidence. Giving the sales force the tools, strategies and verbiage to have difficult conversations will drive confidence – and this leads to actions that lead to results.

High-Profit Pricing -- Maximizing the Value to Maximize the Profit

Whether your team is discounting too much, struggling to implement a price increase or facing other pricing challenges in today’s economic landscape, Mark is the foremost thought leader in helping Fortune 500 organizations eradicate poor pricing behavior and drive top line and bottom line profits.

Sales is Leadership / Leadership is Sales

Organizations do not need more management. They need more leadership. Too many companies fail to embrace the positive impact effective leadership can have not only on profits, but also on employee success. Too many salespeople don’t come close to realizing their potential, because they are not receiving the support they need. The solution is in having strong leaders who can guide the team to a much higher level of success.

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