How Mark Works

Mark Hunter will never arrive with a canned speech or training program.

All of Mark’s work is “client-centric.” He does this for one reason – every client is unique with unique challenges and unique opportunities.

Your company deserves a keynote speech and/or workshops geared uniquely to you. Many speakers will claim they do research, but what they call “research” is nothing more than a mere survey or phone call.

“We measured the results of the training and found that the 200 new hires Mark trained were outpacing our existing team 3-1!”

-Testimonial from one of Mark’s clients, a Fortune 300 Company

Mark goes much further. Due to his background as a sales executive with a major company, he knows the importance of understanding the culture and the key issues the organization is facing.

Due to the extensive preparation he does for every event, you can be confident that investing in Mark will lead to the outcomes you want.

Mark’s customization is not only before and during the event, but also extends after the event.  With experience as a sales leader for a Fortune 200 company, Mark brings insights that attendees can genuinely put to use.  Mark provides follow-up support with managers and other key personnel to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Contact Mark Hunter to find out how this customization will dramatically make a difference in the outcomes you desire.